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"Exuberance II"
Scattered Spring


A Life-long hiker, backpacker, and outdoor explorer, Sarah paints to express her connection to the natural world. Each piece has a story-a tap into the unplugged beauty of nature. She pushes and plays with shapes, colors, and textures to suggest landscape elements. In leaving certain parts undefined she creates atmosphere, allowing mystery and imagination to dance at the edges. She often scripts words into the painted landscape. These words might be personal journal excerpts or phrases from long ago poets. All these elements connect to create a conversation about nature, and they suggest that not everything is known in the wild. Life is occurring beyond the human senses.

Song of Twilight ph.jpg
Weaving Light
Serendipity II ph.jpg
"Softly The Air"
Blackbird Song 3000 (1).jpg
Confetti Skies ph.jpg
Writing of the Rain ph.jpg
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